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Music – 10 for 2014

In the end, I’m not sure that this list reveals anything more than the ossification of my musical tastes. I only started these year-end reckonings in 2012, but there’s a good chance that Aphex Twin would have topped a list … Continue reading

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Four for a Friday #1

I, of course, feel bad that the Forecast has fallen into abeyance, not least because I recognize that the process of posting things here, no matter how trivial, is productive for me overall. I suspect it is a familiar trap … Continue reading

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Steve Reich – Writings about Music

One of the highlights of the winter was hearing a number of Steve Reich pieces performed at the annual New Music Festival here in Winnipeg. Reich was the guest composer this year and he won the crowd over by his … Continue reading

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Music – 2012

Unlike 2011, when I could scarcely summon up 10 LPs I liked enough to muster the energy to compose an end-of-the-year list, 2012 was awash with stellar releases, interesting returns, and new discoveries. My list here is shaped by my … Continue reading

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Postscript on Dazzle Ships

Foolishly, my recent post on Dazzle Ships overlooked two things about the album that make it all the more intriguing and alluring. The first is the title itself. It refers to a type of marine camouflage used extensively in World … Continue reading

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Memo from Turner

Such was the complexity of the early models of the Moog Synthesizer that the company often dispatched an engineer to work with the pop stars who wanted to experiment with the device. In Analog Days: The invention and impact of … Continue reading

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Dazzle Ships

There’s a distinct otherworldliness to Dazzle Ships, the 1983 album by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Part of it is down to the passage of time itself. The cold war context of the LP’s production, signaled by its opening track, … Continue reading

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“She’s like the swallow”

“She’s Like the Swallow” is a powerful song with a gorgeous melody that has traveled all the way from the outports of Newfoundland to Foxbase Alpha. I was reminded of it this week because it appears on a compilation called … Continue reading

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