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marxism today

An obvious oversight on my 2011 year-end list of best films is marxism today (prologue) directed by Phil Collins. I saw the film, along with its companion piece use! exchange! value! at the British Film Institute Gallery in March. Sadly, … Continue reading

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“I’m Against the Eighties”

The series of connections begins with Lawrence of Belgravia, Paul Kelly’s documentary about Lawrence Hayward, the enigmatic and eccentric lead singer of the influential yet under-appreciated 80s UK band Felt. The film premiered at the London Film Festival in October … Continue reading

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Trademark Ribbons of Gold

For those in the neighborhood, I’m presenting next Wednesday at the University of Salford in Manchester as part of the School of Media, Music, and Performance‘s Speaker Series. Further details here. It is a paper I’ve been working on throughout … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget the Motor City

Trusted correspondent DC radioed in to Forecast Central from somewhere on the cultural high seas to remind me that Stan Douglas also has a series of photographs of decaying Detroit. These photos, he quite rightly points out, “serve as an … Continue reading

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We Almost Lost Detroit

It has been interesting over the past couple of years to watch the way in which Detroit has come to occupy a very specific place in the contemporary cultural imagination. There is a whole strain of contemporary photography that takes … Continue reading

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Two tumblrs

One of the things that has been doing the rounds online this week is a complete edition of issue 10 of Cahiers du cinema in English from 1967. It was posted at the tumblr of les films du losange, the … Continue reading

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1991 – Postscript on Record Stores

Another aspect of listening to pop in the provinces that I failed to mention in my previous post is the crucial role that independent record stores played in making things accessible. Halifax in the late 80s and early 90s was … Continue reading

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Own Label

Even though Sainsbury’s Own Label products didn’t populate the pantry of my childhood, I am nevertheless excited about Jonny Trunk‘s forthcoming Fuel publication, simply titled Own Label, that documents the alluring modernism of the packaging. I suspect the book will … Continue reading

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