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Trademark Ribbons of Gold

For those in the neighborhood, I’m presenting next Wednesday at the University of Salford in Manchester as part of the School of Media, Music, and Performance‘s Speaker Series. Further details here. It is a paper I’ve been working on throughout … Continue reading

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1991 – Postscript on Record Stores

Another aspect of listening to pop in the provinces that I failed to mention in my previous post is the crucial role that independent record stores played in making things accessible. Halifax in the late 80s and early 90s was … Continue reading

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1991 – Listening to Pop in the Provinces

I was intrigued by the recent call by PopMatters for articles on 1991, but, rather predictably, I didn’t have my shit sufficiently together to submit. It did nevertheless get me thinking a bit about 1991, what it meant to me, … Continue reading

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