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Music – 10 for 2014

In the end, I’m not sure that this list reveals anything more than the ossification of my musical tastes. I only started these year-end reckonings in 2012, but there’s a good chance that Aphex Twin would have topped a list … Continue reading

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Film – 10 for 2014

I’ll begin with my usual apologies for making up a list at all. It’s a silly, self-indulgent thing to do, but I find it a useful exercise as it gives me an opportunity to remember all the good cinematic experiences … Continue reading

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Music – 10 for 2013

In what must seem like a bid for the tardiest best of 2013 music list, here are my picks of the year. I had it ready to go back in January, but refrained from posting it as I felt that … Continue reading

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Four for a Friday #1

I, of course, feel bad that the Forecast has fallen into abeyance, not least because I recognize that the process of posting things here, no matter how trivial, is productive for me overall. I suspect it is a familiar trap … Continue reading

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Films – 10 for 2013

The internet is rotten with top ten lists of all sorts, so I’m a bit embarrassed to be adding to the problem here, but I do find this a useful exercise and one that has led, in previous years, to … Continue reading

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Hot Docs – The Human Scale

Before moving on to films I’ve seen in the past couple of days, I should briefly mention a second I saw on my first day here. The Human Scale is a Danish documentary about cities that offers a now familiar … Continue reading

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Hot Docs – Day One

Maja Borg’s Future My Love brings together the essay film (with a voiceover that is contemplative and ruminative in a Marker-esque way), the archive film (with images drawn from a mid century repository of imaginings of the future), and the … Continue reading

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Hot Docs Preview 2013

For the second year running, I’m attending Hot Docs, the documentary film festival, in Toronto. I had a tremendous time last year and a number of the films I saw at Hot Docs in 2012 ended up on my best … Continue reading

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