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One of the things that has been doing the rounds online this week is a complete edition of issue 10 of Cahiers du cinema in English from 1967. It was posted at the tumblr of les films du losange, the production and distribution company founded in 1962 by Eric Rohmer and Barbet Schroeder. I found my way there via and have since worked my way back through a shocking number of its 85 pages of tumbld images. For anyone interested in 60s cinema, it is an absolute treasure trove of stills, posters, clips, on-set pictures, advertisements, and magazine articles from the era. Tumblr has emerged, I suppose, as the ideal form/forum for this kind of archive-driven scopophilia since it invites a cascade of images linked primarily by its creator’s obsessions and fascinations. The les films du losange tumblr is also good for fans of Kristen Dunst. Since the company is the European distributor of Lars von Trier’s Melancholia, Dunst appears frequently.

The other tumblr I’ll point to is also in the throes of archive fever, but focuses on football rather than film. The Football Archivist features photos from both on and off the pitch. The latter ones that are often more interesting, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of days when football was no less important but less thoroughly commodified and professionalized. My favorite photo recently has been the one above that doesn’t capture the action on the pitch, but shows a BBC cameraman behind the net during the May 1963 European Cup final between Benfica and AC Milan.

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