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Own Label

Even though Sainsbury’s Own Label products didn’t populate the pantry of my childhood, I am nevertheless excited about Jonny Trunk‘s forthcoming Fuel publication, simply titled Own Label, that documents the alluring modernism of the packaging. I suspect the book will … Continue reading

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1991 – Listening to Pop in the Provinces

I was intrigued by the recent call by PopMatters for articles on 1991, but, rather predictably, I didn’t have my shit sufficiently together to submit. It did nevertheless get me thinking a bit about 1991, what it meant to me, … Continue reading

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Random Film Still #2

From John MacKenzie’s Apaches (1977).

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On periodization

I’ve always been fascinated by questions of periodization and generic change and, as a consequence, I tend to be drawn to studies and analyses that take a single year or short expanse of time as their organizing principle. I’m thinking … Continue reading

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Random Film Still #1

From Chris Marker’s Vive la baleine (1972).

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